Alter Bridge “Walk The Sky tour” (Helsinki Ice Hall) – 14/11/2019

Recently, American rock band Alter Bridge released their latest album ‘Walk The Sky’ (for our review, go here) and of course they soon after embarked on a tour in line of that release. Formed in 2004, the combination of 3 musicians of Creed with the vocally talented Myles Kennedy, held a whole ton of potential that has come to fruition in the 15 years that they’ve been together. So we just had to be there in Helsinki at the 2nd stop of their European leg of the tour. With them they brought the American Shinedown and UK-based The Raven Age and here are the pictures of that night:

For a full report of the night, go here:“walk-the-sky-tour”-(helsinki-ice-hall)—14-11-2019


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