Ilse V.L.

Diablo Blvd.

Zero Hour is on its way. Alex Agnew tells you about the album, line-up changes, comedy in relation to lyrics and more!

Oknos – Old World

Oknos their new album Old World is out now, find out what we thought of it.

Me & That Man + Dool @ De Casino

Want to know what Nergal from Behemoth would look like if he played in a blues/rock band? Read more to find out!

Gojira (Ancienne Belgique)

A report on their sold out show in the AB in Brussels...

Gojira (Ancienne Belgique)

The visuals of a night of French prog and groove...

Opening Hard Rock Café Antwerp

We were there for the "hard hat tour" of the soon to be opened café!

Black Dreams – Soul Stealer

If you're looking for something "more quiet" to listen to (for once or not) look no further! Black Dreams might just have what you need, and there's only one way to...