Beartooth ‘The Disease Tour’ (Trix, Antwerp) – 01/03/2020

It’s the first time Beartooth sold out a show in Antwerp. And they were ready to show how excited they were about it. From beginning until the end there would be one wave of energy. This all with the support of Higher Power and The Amity Affliction.

Higher Power *1/2

Five dudes stormed the stage and showed they are totally ready to give the best they have. Higher Power is a bunch of freaks from England playing hardcore punk. They had a bit of a struggle to make the crowd excited. There was a little bit of interaction, but hands were down even fast as they went up when Front man Jimmy Wizard asked them to raise. In contrast to what he said, there wasn’t enough energy in the venue to make the crowd jump or to make a mosh pit occur. But everyone listened politely and calm to their music; which was good, although Jimmy seemed to have a little bit of an off-day. His vocals weren’t coming through as strong as on recordings. Half an hour of Higher Power was enough to open this evening.

Higher Power (5)

The Amity Affliction ***

When The Amity Affliction started their set the whole venue was full. It was clear a lot of people also wanted to see them in action. It was immediately clear the energy from the crowd, that was a little bit missing with the first band, was now all over the place. The first song started slow, but when the more aggressive part started the crowd couldn’t stay calm. All hands were up and everybody was singing along. With some parts of the following songs it was even the crowd singing alone. The first crowdsurfers and moshpits appeared and everybody was properly warmed up for the main act of the evening. The Amity Affliction did a great job ending with a climax under the form of a big wall of death.

The Amity Affliction (4)

To promote their new album Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them we also had the opportunity to have an interview with Dan Brown (guitar) and Joe Longobardi (drums) of The Amity Affliction. For the article go here.

Beartooth ****

And now it’s time for the real work. The whole stage is transformed with flags and Orange amps. After an intro with Down with the Sickness from Disturbed there was a blackout, a sudden explosion of confetti and Beartooth came on stage. “We need people fucking moving!” and the whole venue went crazy. Crowd surfers and mosh pits where all included. They played a lot of songs from their latest album Disease and half of the evening was filled with songs of their other two albums. So a lot of ‘new’ work and a lot of ‘old’ classics.

Beartooth (7)

After all of this energy on stage Connor Denis (drums) showed he still has some left with an epic drum solo. Now all the other band members had a little rest, they were all ready to make the crowd scream on ‘Fire’. Caleb Shomo (vocals) excused himself for playing the guitar on this song and promised to get back to vocals. When he asked everybody to put an arm on the person next to them everybody was ready to jump with there bouncing partner. In the end Caleb joined the crowd, they had entertained brilliantly all evening, and stood in the middle of the venue. One last confetti canon and this extraordinary show was over.

Beartooth (8)

Check out the full photo coverage right here:

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