The Blue Poets – The Blue Poets

The Blue Poets, some of you may have never heard of them before. The band was founded in 2015 by Errorhead‘s mastermind and guitarist Marcus DemlInteresting to know is that the guitarist won a Guitar Hero AwardHe is famous with the band Errorhead and started this new music project and now they present us their untitled debut album.

The music contains rock with 70’s blues elements. The Australian Gordon Grey is the vocalist, Markus Setzer plays the bass and behind the drum sits Felix DehmelMore information about the band can be read on their official website.

Generally speaking of the debut album: the combination of rock and blues takes you back to the past. You really feel like you’re in the environment of almost 40 years where you want to put a hat and boots on (like Hyde in “That 70’s Show”) to walk through a two-pieced wooden door. It really has the 70’s vibe like they describe. The musicians play well together. Music wise it’s perfect while you are doing the household, talk with friends in a pub or just want to relax after a rough day. The band members each have been playing for awhile before this project so you can feel and hear the experience and professional attitude in the music.

Gordon: ‘Takes a worried man to sing a worries song’,
Marcus: ‘The fingers are the singers’,
Felix: ‘Drumming silences the voices in my head’,
Markus: ‘How deep is your pocket?’

With Goodbye (video below) they open the album. It sets the atmosphere for the rest of the album: a calm but active vibe with a dancy mood. For the songs Too High and Sad, Sad, Sad I have to use the word ‘hooky’ like they do. It gets stuck in the head and actually the feet as well. Alien Angel is a serene collaboration of instruments. It makes you feel like dancing a slow or just closing your eyes and enjoy the quietness. It’s about time is similar to its predecessor. The following songs on the album are in the same line (not that they are all the same) so no need to describe them all. The singer’s voice is charismatic but I feel like he has more power than we hear. There is something to say about the cohesion between the musicians. Some melodies are down tempo, it’s difficult to play slow riffs together and stay in rhythm, but they clearly manage it. About the lyrics: it handles relationships, love and life happenings. They are very relatable.

The debut album is a recommended listening tip, ’cause you’re worth it!

Release date: September 9th, 2016
Label: Triple Coil Music
01. Goodbye (05:15)
02. Too High (04:08)
03. Sad, Sad, Sad (03:14)
04. Alien Angel (06:11)
05. Sunshine Of Your Love (05:42)
06. Shallow Words (04:07)
07. It’s About Time (04:07)
08. For A God (06:08)
09. Won’t You Suffer (03:42)
10. The Truth (05:18)
11. With Your Eyes (05:41)