Browbeat: Listen to the new single “When The Profit Kills”

With their new album, titled “Remove The Control”, due out on March 1st via Indelirium Records, Modena, Italy-based hardcore/metal group Browbeat are beginning to tease their pummeling new tracks! A force to be reckoned with since 1998, the quintet are pleased to serve up a hearty taste of their upcoming new music with the lead single, “When The Profit Kills”. Pre-order of the album available HERE.

Speaking of the new tune, the band says:

“‘When The Profit Kills’ is probably the best example of what we are today. A mix between old and new generation of hardcore music with metal influences, modern and granitic music elements. For fans of Hatebreed, Lionheart and Biohazard.

“Remove The Control” artwork and track listing

01. The New Slavery Nation (Intro)
02. The Labor Blackmail
03. When The Profit Kills
04. A Forgotten Number
05. Underpaid
06. Nothing More And Nothing Less
07. A Personal War
08. The Power Of The Few
09. The Suffocated Rights
10. Remove The Control… Till Death!



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