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About black metal, being a sociopath and hate...

Fall Of Summer 2016

A day to the beach, dressed in leather.

Dimensional Nomads Tour (Het Bos)

Ondergronds presented us - again - with a night of some of the most spectacular acts of today's black metal scene!

Preview Fall Of Summer 2016

A small but upcoming festival in France with a huge diversity of bands!

Herbakkersfestival: Rotting Christ + Ostrogoth + Powerstroke

Gratis metal van de bovenste plank: Powerstroke, Ostrogoth en Rotting Christ doen Eeklo daveren.


Changes with ups and downs but always an 'up' for Painful.

Ieperfest 2016

"I love the smell of seaweed burgers and moshpits in the morning!"

Idolatry – Visions From The Throne Of Eyes

Raw black metal from some not so friendly looking Canadians.

Hyperion – Seraphical Euphony

A head-bobbing inducing melodic piece of death/black metal...

Herfst calls it quits

The end of Herfst