Category: Extras

PICK YOUR POISON: Mysticum’s Cosmic Tripel

Thrice the cosmic attitude...

PICK YOUR POISON: Opeth’s Communion Pale Ale

"Take Communion with Opeth"

GRIMM in Trikala (Greece)

Join Grimm for a tour in a small Greek town with a lively local scene

Ahoth’s Albums of the Year 2016

Black, blacker, blackest...

Vaim’s Albums of the Year 2016

After endless debating the list is done with one clear winner!

GRIMM’s Albums of the Year 2016

A bit of everything, but all high quality stuff!

Tom’s Albums of the Year 2016

A lot of groove to be found in this list!

Wouter’s Albums of the year 2016

A great list of heavy, doom and power metal!

Valyrian metal: Exploring Game of Thrones-inspired music

Get enthusiastic with us and blast some Game of Thrones-inspired metal from your speakers in anticipation of the new season!

Ne Obliviscaris: reinventing the music industry?

Have they found the key to surviving?