Category: Interviews

Man With A Mission Interview

We sat down with the man-wolves? wolf-men? of MWAM to figure out what their mission is all about...


Talking about beer, phones and the "good old days"...

Wild Lies

Take a Belgian dip with the Wild Lies!

Interview Sixx:A.M.

Get to know the old and the new James Michael.

Legion Of The Damned

Een Swinkelend legioen in de Lounge.


A talk with Steven Wussow of Xandria about touring, covers and festivals...


A talk with the guys from French melo death band Think Of A New Kind (T.A.N.K.)


Interview with a Belgian glam band who believes they were conceived on the Sunset Strip in 1984!


A talk with the Brazilian ladies of Nervosa.


Omophagia means the eating of raw flesh. The band's brutal death metal will consume you and leave your bones to rest. An interview with leadsinger Beni.