Category: Interviews

Interview The Unguided – “We’d seen reactions towards Jonathan because we’d done a lot of shows with him, and the fans already liked him”

We squeezed in a quick chat with The Unguided's Richard Sjunnesson. Check it out!

Tuska Utopia: Turmion Kätilöt – 13/11/2020

The first episode of Tuska Utopia featured one of the wackiest and most popular bands Finland has with Turmion Kätilöt!

Interview Awake Again – “We’re kind of ADHD”

Watch the interview with Finnish band Awake Again about their music and the high level of energy they usually crank out in everything they do.

Interview Mors Subita – “It’s like getting hit in the face with a metal bat”

Watch the chat we had with Mors Subita about their new album "Extinction Era" and what they did different this time around.

Interview Cultus Profano – “We create music that embodies hatred and obscurity.”

The duo behind Cultus Profano answer some questions about their unholy creations and musical inspirations.

Interview Uada – “It was time to face our demons”

We got a chance to catch up with Uada's Jake Superchi concerning their latest record, their inspirations, and them growing as a band. Read on!

Interview Incantation – “We always just wanted to be ourselves and tell the world to fuck off if they don’t like it”

John from Incantation answers a couple of questions about their most recent album 'Sect of Vile Divinities'.

Interview myGRAIN – “The diversity makes the album even more interesting”

Watch the interview with the guys of myGRAIN in which we dive deeper into some of the tracks of their new album 'V' and how recording without a keyboardist was like.

Interview Amaranthe – “We have matured and become more relaxed through the years”

Watch the talk we had with Olof and Johan on a sunny day in Helsinki, about the upcoming Amaranthe album "Manifest" and more!

Interview DevilDriver – “Everything fell into place for this record”

Watch the interview with Mike Spreitzer from DevilDriver about their upcoming album "Dealing With Demons I"!