Category: Photo coverage

Colour Haze/ My Sleeping Karma (Het Depot)

The pleasant visual experience that was a night of stoner...

Moonsorrow (Virgin Oil Co.)

Pagans arise and feast on these images!

Gojira (Ancienne Belgique)

The visuals of a night of French prog and groove...

Monster Double: The 69 Eyes & Reckless Love (Nosturi)

A colorful goth and glam rock party!

Wolfheart (Virgin Oil Co., Helsinki)

New Winter Metal came to us in Helsinki!

Gorgoroth (De Kreun)

Photo Coverage Gorgoroth by Nera

Royal Republic (Nosturi)

Royal Republic rocking out with the support of Blind Channel in Nosturi (Helsinki, Finland).

Devin Townsend (Trix)

Experience the visuals of a mind-bending night!

Insomnium (Biebob)

How does a night of "Winter metal" look like?

Headbangers Ball Tour 2016

Pics of a headbanging time!