Category: Reviews

Far Beyond – A Frozen Flame Of Ice

A melodic piece of German death metal...

High Spirits – Motivator

All the ingredients for a rockin' good time

Guttermouth – New Car Smell EP

After they "Got It Made" they're looking for that "New Car Smell"...

Wardruna (Tivoli, NL)

Pagan folk on an epic scale...

Alcest/MONO (VK Concerts)

An evening of floating around on post-rock and the likes...

Lamb Of God – The Duke

Remember "The Duke" and be aware of your demise!

Khemmis – Hunted

To doom or not to doom (that is the question)

As Lions – Aftermath

Roaring as lions...

Kapitan Korsakov (Handelsbeurs)

Muzikaal geweld in de handelsbeurs.

Civil War – The Last Full Measure

With a rebel yell more, more, more