Category: Releases

Dream Unending – Tide Turns Eternal

“Tide Turns Eternal” takes you on a voyage to astral plains beyond space and time.

Swallow The Sun – Moonflowers

Swallow The Sun on the eighth album upholds the definite tone of melancholy that showcase luxurious and spaciously rich the melodies of melodic doom metal.

Dying Wish – Fragments of a Bitter Memory

Dying Wish really impresses with their debut full-length here. Their sound is a real nostalgic ride for those who actively took part of the mid-2000s (metallic)...

Light The Torch – You Will Be The Death Of Me

Light The Torch is back with their 2nd album under the new moniker and continues down the path of epic and extremely catchy tunes that will stick in your head forever!

Stormkeep – Tales of Othertime

“Tales of Othertime” brings the dark and medieval fusion of melodic/dungeon in a style of their own.

Archgoat – Worship The Eternal Darkness

Archgoat’s fifth album “Worship The Eternal Darkness” is elaborated on the blasphemous themes of war metal, and delivers exactly what you expect from this infernal...

Morgal – Nightmare Lord

Morgal creates a signature style and a trademark flamboyance that will change the ante. Until we are caught by the thundering guitars and the supercharged raw vocals...

Whoredom Rife – Winds of Wrath

Whoredom Rife's new album conveys a cold and epic style of Norwegian black metal.

Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Noktvrn

DWEF has gone through many evolutionary changes in the past decade and it seems the band is at the edge of finding a new niche in the modern spectrum of the avant-garde...

Burial – Inner Gateways to the Slumbering Equilibrium At The Center Of Cosmos

Burial’s full-length album has transcended in quality and sound, the quartet gives us an in-depth sight of their deep musical arrangements.