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Tuska Open Air 2017 – 20th Anniversary

Tuska 2017 promised to be a huge party for metal and rock lovers. With their 20th anniversary they geared up to make it one hell of a celebration...

Line-up Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal Festival almost complete!

Line-up Alcatraz Hard Rock and Metal festival almost complete: Ghost, Venom, Sweet Savage and Dyscordia added to the already impressive bill! There's also some news...

Mammoth Mammoth – Mount the Mountain

I can see the appeal Mammoth Mammoth might have to a wide array metalheads, rockers and punk kids. Just like Motörhead they manage to blend groovy hard rock with a...

Conan + Downfall Of Gaia + Hark + High Fighter (Magasin Quatre)

"Hey dude, how are you doing?" - "WHAT?!" "Err... HOW YOU DOIN'?!" - " CAN'T HEAR A THING MAN, I WENT TO SEE CONAN TWO WEEKS AGO AND IT WAS AWESOME!"

Colour Haze/ My Sleeping Karma (Het Depot)

The pleasant visual experience that was a night of stoner...

Colour Haze & My Sleeping Karma (Het Depot)

The report of a night of indulgence in a psychedelic stoner trip!

Black Mirrors – Funky Queen EP

The Funky Queen is coming to get you!

Tuska announces a bunch of new names!

The bill gets more awesome the closer we get!

GRIMM’s Videoland (March 6th – 12th)

Weekly list of the music video releases you might have missed out on!

7 Weeks – A Farewell To Dawn

Love a bright and shiny dawn? Too bad, son!