Coolhead live: Gasellit (Coolhead Viikki, Finland) – 17/07/2021

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“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.”
Frank Zappa

Everyone has been aching to get back to concerts and live events. When one of my favorite micro breweries of Finland, Coolhead Brew, announced a very first concert series in cooperation with Master Events, I knew this could be a good first show of the year for me. What more could I have wished for? Class A craftbeers (their Nordic sours are simply some of the best around) with some quality Finnish artists. Apparently there were more people thinking the same thing, because the Saturday of the 4 consecutive days was completely sold out with 1500 people expected. Probably the fact that Gasellit, one of Finland’s most popular rap groups, played their first gig of the year in their hometown played a big part in that success as well!

With pics of NCO, Aivovuoto and Gasellit:

For a full report on the event, go here.


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