Corpsessed – Impetus Of Death

It was around four years ago when the Finnish death metal outfit Corpsessed released their debut album Abysmal Thresholds via Dark Descent Records. And as a newcomer band into the expanding list of death metal releases, the album was pretty decent but showed some potential. Truth is I didn’t expect much from Corpsessed on their sophomore release, and for some reason I found myself overwhelmed with the mass of other releases. But I must admit that this album has flown under my radar, and once I checked their newer material I observed the change in their latest album.

Impetus of Death shows a better progress from their debut, and the song-writing is attained with an improved level. Individually the band has come with more focused riffs, and they are more accessible this time. Corpsessed have come close to concentrate on filthy sound by adding denser material that are closely compacted together. Relatively Impetus of Death sounds like an extreme death metal album with the complexity of heavy riffs. And they have made a good use of this aspect in exploring their own sound, and with their latest input the band has succeeded to discover themselves.

Corpsessed shares some distinctive similarities to the Finnish band Convulse specifically on the debut album. And it’s well fitted with the raw sound that became one of the characteristics of the Finnish death metal style. Impetus of Death is charged with a reckoning force of darkness, seemingly the album channels its way through the 90’s Finnish death metal. The opening track is built upon dreary and slow guitar sections, wandering into gloom of brooding riffs. With Niko Matilainen as the lead vocalist and Matti Makela who also handles the guitars and backing vocals. You can hear the natural cohesion between the guitarists Jyri Lustig, as for the bass guitar it’s loudly discharged by Tuomas Kulmala. The heavy and crushing blows of the drums are being handled by Jussi Pekka Manner.

Endless Plains of Dust uncovers the crude and nasty facet of the band, churning with heavy riffs that forms a thick atmosphere. And that’s the center point in which the quintet tent to apply, consistency is another case here with the band. There are tracks which sound very brutal but lacks the influential riffs. The album production also lacks the sound value and it doesn’t serve the tracks with the deserving sound quality.

Grave borne is another solid track where the band maintains to merge the smoldering crudeness of death metal with sludge doom metal to increase the intensity. The deep bestial roars are held by unwilted riffs with the drums being pounded with maniacal beats. The new album has a time running of 45 minutes and it is presented with a good guitar performance and raw death metal sound, the album is more focused and direct if you would compare it to their debut.

Paroxysmal and Forlorn Burial are stuffed with death metal riffs and they’re damned heavy and brutal in the same time, yet another track which caught my attention on this album. Corpsessed are prowling towards the boggy dark waters, as they found an equivalence to their musical style with such respectful outfits. Such as the Finnish death metal band Krypts, Funebrarum and Incantation again rose as a hint but they ‘rent direct. Finally, Impetus of Death demands your patience it may take some time for the tracks to materialize before it grips your senses and suffocates you with its churnings horrific madness. Give this album a chance and am sure you will appreciate their latest accomplishment.

Release Date: November 23rd, 2018
Label: Dark Descent Records
1.Impetus of Death
3.Endless Plains of Dust
6.Forlorn Burial
7.Begetter of Doom
8.Starless Event Horizon


  • Music8
  • Lyrics/Vocals7
  • Production7
  • Artwork6
  • Originality8
  • 7.2


    On "Impetus of Death", Corpsessed shows a better progress from their debut, and the song-writing is attained with an improved level.

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