DüsterLust – DüsterLust

Düsterlust is a German female fronted symphonic/progressive metal band, influenced by many other music genres. They combine various styles of metal and classical music with electronic sound ideas and the lyrics are critical about society In 2010 Philip and Heiko Siebert had the idea for a courageous band project. After a long and difficult search for other musicians they found the Soprano vocalist Regina Beatrix Rumpel in January 2014. With her voice they had everything they needed to complete their songs and record them in a professional way.

So their album Unveil the Beauty took shape and has been released in December 2014. In May 2015 the band had to take their whole Internet presence away and withdraw their album from sales because of a naming conflict. But in October 2015 the band came out of the crisis stronger than before and started over with the powerful new name Düsterlust and introducing a new band member, their second guitarist Michèl Greul.

Since February 2016 Düsterlust is signed up with the label FemMeropa. In the same year they re-release their debut album with new cover artwork and three additional songs that are available on the physical release. The first thing you notice on the album is the amazing new artwork created by Starfountain-Design. At the start of the first song Spaceflight you already can hear how amazing the voice of Regina Beatrix Rumpel is. The song is all about the cover ups of wars, humiliations and ecological problems and whatever people want you to believe.

Kaleidoscope is the masterpiece of the album with the awesome mix of voices and heavy drums and guitars brings it to another level. With Beast of War we’re going to war on some marching music. Here we have a mixture of English and German lyrics which is an interesting combination. In Social War we have a song with a lot more grunts, but at the same time a little more relaxed softer parts in it. Next level Racism has a lot of rhythm swings in it, but it’s still a calm song.

Paradise is a softer song that starts to rock later on, to go over in another soft part to then get rocking again. Ghost is a song all about revenge and this song really brings out the voice of Regina Beatrix Rumpel well. Rainfall sounds a bit like a ballad but has really a good mix of Soprano vocals and grunts. The story in Day In Hell starts out as a good day but it changes. You can also notice that in the music that changes from calm to much heavier music. Moor is like a cruel musical story. The song sounds amazing with the voice of Regina and the grunts.

First of the bonus tracks, Virus, is a song about the pollution of the world and global warming. Bloodmoon is probably the fastest song on the album mixed with great story telling. Lastly, Refugee is an awesome relaxed song to dream away and wake you up halfway with some heaviness.

This album is definitely a good one to listen to, they have really harsh and honest lyrics about society that carry a lot of truth. For fans of symphonic female fronted metal this is definitely an album to check out!

Release date: September 9th, 2016
Label: FemMeropa
1 Spaceflight
2 Kaleidoscope
3 Beast of War
4 Social War
5 Next Level Racism
6 Paradise
7 Ghost
8 Rainfall
9 Day in Hell
10 Moor
bonus tracks
1 Virus
2 Bloodmoon
3 Refugee

The band
Regina Beatrix Rumpel: lyrics and Soprano vocals
Philip Seibert: Drums Keys and Growling
Michél Greul: Guitar and Screaming
Heiko Siebert: Guitar and Bass