Dyscordia “Delete/Rewrite” album release show (De Kreun, Kortrijk) – 18/01/2020

Time flies when you’re having fun they say… well… at Dyscordia‘s album release show for Delete/Rewrite time flew. And that can only mean one thing: that it was good! No, it was better than that: it was great! From the beginning till the end!

Notice the choice and order of the warming up acts: Starting with Shocker, followed by Chalice, to end with headliner Dyscordia. Or, gradually going from a high pitch voice over heavier grunting towards the subtle mix of heavy clean and grunt that Dyscordia mastered. They played 7 of the 10 songs from the new album, with in between 6 of their older songs.

To cut a long story short: it was a night to remember and so is the new album itself. For those who didn’t check it out yet: you should! For our album review go here.

Dyscordia playlist:
This House
Chthonic Star
Castle High
From Sight to Black
The Curse of Medio
Stranger to the Dark
Bail me Out
Perfect Day
Merry Go Round
Twin Symbiosis
Silent Tears

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