Fear of Domination / Detset (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 22/10/2021

One of the most beloved and popular bands in the Finnish scene has to be Fear of Domination. With their infectious mix of industrial/dance music with high quality and engaging melodeath, they’ve conquered a lot of hearts and are simply dominating. Since we last caught them live (at Saarihelvetti 2020), they released a couple of new tracks showing an intriguing direction they’re taking their music, including an overhaul of their looks with some pretty cool looking masks instead of their signature make-up. And recently they found a replacement for vocalist Sara, who stepped away to focus on other things, of who this show at On The Rocks was the very first one. A lot of things that made this a show we simply did not want to miss out on!

With pictures of Detset and Fear of Domination:

For a full report of the night go here.


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