Good Tiger – We Will All Be Gone

The alternative rock band Good Tiger comes with their second album ‘We Will All Be Gone’ with quite a misleading cover at first sight. The grey roses and the baby pink colour don’t give me the idea that this is a rock album. But you have to see it as the cover of a book, because this album is some kind of musical book. From that perspective they created a cover that fits the album. Good Tiger consists of Elliot Coleman (vocals), Joaquin Ardiles (guitar), Alex Rudinger (drums), Morgan Sinclair (bass) and Derya ‘Dez’ Nagle (guitar), who says the following about their new album:

I think that what a musician wants to do musically is always pretty fluid and can change from day to day. Going into our second record, we wanted to focus more on songwriting rather than specifically on any kind of wow factor, instrumentally or production-wise. We wanted the songs to speak, and everything we did was serving that purpose. Going into this record we had a pretty clear idea of what we wanted to achieve on a more holistic level, but weren’t too concerned with the micro level. When talking about this, the references we were looking at had nothing similar in a musical sense but more so what they achieved within that era and genre. We wanted to make an album which did not feel dated, or connected to a fixed period of time.

‘We Will All Be Gone’ starts mysterious with a guitar and you’d think there’s a woman singing, but it soon becomes clear that Elliot‘s vocal range is wide and he can handle high notes. His voice is comparable to Jared Leto‘s, but cleaner. After a while the music turns into a nice rock sound, while the mystery stays in the vocals where Elliot sings a duet with himself. The feeling that the music brings fits the title ‘The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking’ perfectly and with this song the album starts on the right foot.

Generally the rhythm is the same over the entire album, yet Good Tiger brings variety with little rhythmic changes in the songs. This is what makes this album a beautiful entirety. With ‘Blueshift’ the band brings a nice change with a more electric sound and a different rhythm than the other songs.

‘We Will All Be Gone’ is a nice mix of rock and alternative music. Elliot‘s wide vocal range gives this band many possibilities and they clearly made use of it because musical this is a varied album. Good Tiger brings a credible story by creating the right atmosphere in the songs and according to the last song ‘I’ll Finish This Book Later’ I think we can expect a follow-up.

Release Date: February 9th, 2018
Label: Metal Blade Records
1. The Devil Thinks I’m Sinking
2. Float On
3. Such A Kind Stranger
4. Blueshift
5. Salt Of The Earth
6. Grip Shoes
7. Just Shy
8. Nineteen Grams
9. Cherry Lemon
10. I’ll Finish This Book Later


  • Music9
  • Lyrics/Vocals9
  • Production/Mix10
  • Artwork/Packaging8
  • Originality9
  • 9


    'We Will All Be Gone' is an accessible album which brings a nice mix of alternative and rock music. It's a nice album to listen to.