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One of the pioneering bands of the hardcore scene Pro-Pain stood on the Main Stage with a fist in the air ready to conquer the day.

The crowd was blown away by the first punch called ” Unrestrained“. What followed was a barrage of songs that split the crowd in two, three or more mosh pits.

The icing on the cake was the tribute to Vinnie Paul and “Make War Not Love“.

Every festival needs its own Pro-Pain, to set the bar for the day and shaking the public awake.

GMM18_PROPAIN_TimTronckoe (5)-WM


To sum up short: A unique band on this billing and not your typical choice for a Main stage band.

The mechanical sound of the ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’ fits rather well with the vibe we needed on this moment. While stockpiling our new coupons for drinks we noticed we were dancing on the tunes of Eisbrecher.

Hence German is one of our national languages it is quite obvious people do not understand the lyrics of the songs but hey, since when does this “really” matter on a festival?

With catchy songs like ‘This Is Deutsch‘ and ‘SturmfahrtEisbrecher showed us class and showmanship like it should be on this level.

Sadly their biggest hit ‘Eiszeit‘ was not on the setlist but kudos for this first ever performance on GRASPOP.


Shining (SE)

Kvarforth had a good day! This must have been the 6th or 7th time we got to see them live and it was a new Shining we got to see.

The music was played softer than we were used to, Kvarforth looked more calm and the band was more static than usual (and believe us when we say they normally do not move so much).

For some people this was a boring concert, for us it was quite the other way around. We saw a more professional Shining. A Shining that want to put the music first and does not want to be all about the shock.

We are curious for the next time, maybe it depends on the hour? The amount of whiskey on stage? Lets find out soon..

GMM18_shining_peterdejongh 7-WM

Body Count Feat. Ice-T

Making people stomping around the mosh pit is what Body Count does best. Ice-T was prepared for this and showered us with what for us has to be one of the best intro’s this weekend: ‘Raining Blood‘.

We do tend to have a disregard for singers who talk a lot in between the songs but when it’s Ice you need to keep in mind that this is what he does best!

A very intense passage at this massive edition of GRASPOP!

GMM18_BODYCOUNT_TimTronckoe (7)-WM

Limp Bizkit

Limp Bizkit for us is a ghost of the past. This concert at GRASPOP proves this yet again. Is this a cover band or do they have no interest in playing songs people are paying and showing up for.

At our parties Limp Bizkit is and we always will be a party band, a band that shaped so much of our history as a person.

Shame it all comes down to a wacky singer in silly costumes and a band that rather plays songs from other bands who do it better.


Hollywood Vampires

A band that is made up of Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Johnny Depp and a bunch of tour musicians you tend to believe it is one of those one time things that will die out swiftly when the main projects of these artists get on the road.

We are pleased to hear that this project is not going to be one of them, from the entourage we heard this will happen regularly so lets keep our fingers crossed.

Surprised were we by the amount of people that showed up at the Main stage, we believe there were more people watching this show than there were at Volbeat yesterday.

On the menu we can hear a lot of covers of course with Alice Cooper in the forefront of it all, mister Depp got in a few lines but we rather have that he lets mister Cooper do the singing. The music is on point and the charisma on stage is captivating.

History has been written! Now get going and write more new music!


Ozzy Osbourne

Another bunch of legends on stage, we all joke sometime that Ozzy is getting to old for this stuff but ladies and gentlemen we are siked tot tell you that this was a beauty of a concert. Zakk Wylde was heavy as always and Ozzy looked in great shape for a man who has seen and done what he has in fruitful live.

Surprisingly enough we did not find the overlong guitar and drum solo’s boring at this gig, when Guns ‘N Roses did we were waiting for the end but somehow at this show we loved it. It felt a bit bittersweet like saying goodbye to an old love or the end of summer.

We do not have to tell you which songs they played, it was music history on stage and the last 20 minutes were a crowd pleaser, ‘Crazy Train‘ is a highlight, when its playing in the car, or at the party or for tonight played by the dark prince himself.

 A Perfect Circle

While Tool gets discussed a lot and metalheads are awaiting a new album from this band we are glad A Perfect Circle gets the attention it deserves on the Main Stage. It is always a strange sight to see enthusiastic metalheads waiting to mosh and party but come across something different altogether.

Soon everyone was hunkering down and closing the eyes to songs like ‘Eat The Elephant‘ and ‘TalkTalk; . We ourselves where quite drunk at the time and this made the experience more real and transcendent at the same time.

The material does sound more brutal live than on CD, the song get more real and feel closer in a big crowd and on a grand stage. The fact that the sound was on point made it all the better.



Sunday Recap – #GMM18

With #GMM18 officialy in the books it's time for a recap of yesterday's events! See you all at #GMM19! RSVP: Graspop Metal Meeting 2019

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GMM 18 Closing Video

“#GMM18 YOU WERE WONDERFUL! Enjoy our closing ceremony, safe travels and see you all next year for #GMM19!"

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