Grimm’s Videoland pt. 1 (April 29th – May 6th 2016)

GRIMM Gent aims to please. And we intend to do this by providing you an overview of the new music video releases of the past week. Publishing every time just before or at the beginning of the weekend, it could possibly give you some tunes to enjoy in your free time!
Welcome to Grimm’s Videoland!

Nuclear Blast

Nuclear Blast Records

To get the frustrations of the past week out of your system, Nuclear Blast serves you 2 thrash metal releases this week. Destruction with a video for Under Attack, from the Under Attack album that is to be released on May 13th and Death Angel‘s Hatred United/United Hate from The Evil Divide, a May 27th release.

Metal Blade

Metal Blade Records

Going further down the thrash metal/hard rock road, comedian and long-time heavy metal fan Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy give the people that now and then wanna “thrash out” a song to do this on. So put on Thrash, strap on your air guitar and let yourself go! Check the rest of his songs out on his debut release Songs From The Garage, to be released on May 27th, featuring a guest appearance by Brian Johnson (AC/DC) on 2 songs.


Massacre Records

Swiss heavy metal band Headless Crown brings with Here Comes The Night from the Time For Revolution album yet another track with an old school feel to it. And with its almost 6 minute length one of the longest videos to be released this week.


Napalm Records

At Napalm Records you can get your fill of symphonic metal with a reworked version of Winternight by Visions of Atlantis from their recent Old Routes – New Waters EP.  Read the review we published last week here. Also a surprise music video release by Kamelot for the Haven song My Therapy got added to this. That way they’re putting attention back on Haven, but also on social anxiety.

With The Order Of Israfel they hold back the gas pedal and deliver a slow doom metal song Von Sturmer, from the upcoming Red Robes album (release date May 27th).

Napalm Records also had something a bit different to offer the past week under the form of Suns Of Thyme and their song Intuition Unbound. The psychedelic rock/shoegaze outfit is releasing their second album Cascades on May 27th.


Prosthetic Records

Fans of sludge metal get treated on 2 videos released through Prosthetic Records. On Thursday atmospheric sludge/post-rock band North released the video for the song Primal Bloom from Light The Way. And NYC-based Netherlands brings L.M.M. as a preview on the upcoming Audubon (June 17th).

And last but definitely not least, there has been some stuff going on around Radiohead. At the beginning of the week they suddenly seemed to disappear from the internet with a blank webpage and everything removed from their social media accounts. A few days after that, an absolutely stunning stop-motion video clip appeared for Burn The Witch. And while I was writing this article another music video got released for the song Daydreaming with the announcement that they’re out of nowhere digitally releasing a new album independently on May 8th!

That’s all folks! See you again next week!



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