Grimm’s Videoland pt. 2 (May 6th – 13th 2016)

GRIMM Gent aims to please. And we intend to do this by providing you an overview of the new music video releases of the past week. Publishing every time just before or at the beginning of the weekend, it could possibly give you some tunes to enjoy in your free time!
Welcome to Grimm’s Videoland!

Nuclear Blast

Something to let out all the frustrations of the past work week get delivered by Hatebreed‘s Seven Enemies. A lyric video got released of the song as another teaser for The Concrete Confessional, their brand new hardcore record released last friday May 13th through Nuclear Blast Records.

If you want something with more melody to it, then you could go for the music video for Draconian Love by Avantasia. In which you can see them interact with a clearly awesome crowd in Brazil while rocking out on the song. You can find Draconian Love on Ghostlights, released in january. Or you could rather opt for Jerusalem by goth ‘n’ roll outfit The 69 Eyes, yet another video released for a song from their Universal Monsters record. Read our review of the album here.

Or go for a more traditional touch with an excerpt of Doro‘s Loud and Proud DVD, out on June 24th, 2016. More precisely you can enjoy the all too well-known heavy metal song Raise Your Fist In The Air. You can see Doro and her band rock the stage of Wacken.


In the beginning of the past week, Leaves’ Eyes showed up with a music video for Edge of Steel. The epic symphonic song comes from the King of Kings album released through AFM Records. Small detail: it’s the first clip with their new frontwoman Elina Siirala though it’s a song they made still with Liv Kristine who left not so long ago. Eventhough a lot of metal fans were not happy about it, it sounds really epic and strong and promising for the future.

Wanting something with more body to it? Go for the new clip from Flotsam And Jetsam. A great thrash song called Time To Go from the upcoming Flotsam and Jetsam record (May 20th, 2016).

If you want a bit more of a party and you need something folky for that? There are 2 options here to go with through AFM Records! First of all there’s the melodic death/Celtic folk metal outfit SuidAkrA. They bring you Pictish Pride from Realms of Ododric, to be released on May 20th, 2016. If the Celtic touch to the death metal music they perform is not enough for you, you can go for German Tanzwut. They come with a mix of metal/rock and bagpipes, like we know them for. Basically you can call them Rammstein with pipes, and this is again really clear in Schreib Es Mit Blut from the upcoming album of the same name (July 8th, 2016). Party party!!!


After Flotsam And Jetsam longing for even more and more old school thrash metal? Napalm Records provides you with Torture from Canadian Mortillery. From the upcoming Shapeshifter, to be released on May 27th, 2016.

Last week’s Videoland already supported a videoclip for a new song by doom metal band The Order Of Israfel. This week they came with a lyric video for Swords To The Sky, to highlight the soon to be released Red Robes (May 25th, 2016).


Roadrunner Records brings us 3 very different video releases the past week. First of all there’s Vimic with the first single Simple Skeletons from the upcoming debut album Open Your Omen. For most people I suspect the band is a quite unfamiliar player, but I’m pretty sure as soon as I drop the name Joey Jordison interest will arise. This is basically the new musical venture of Joey after leaving Slipknot. He took most of his band mates of Scar The Martyr under his arms, found a singer under Kalen Chase Musmecci and there was Vimic. Enjoy the first look on what is coming from them!

With Creeper, they have a bit of (horror) punk rock to offer in the video for Astral Projection from The Stranger. Though if you need more of a punch in your punk, I’d suggest Turnstile with Addicted. The very short but energetic hardcore punk song comes from Non Stop Feeling which is to be released on cassette soon, but is already available on other media.


This week you’re at the right place for some atmospheric death/doom metal at Peaceville Records. They released videos for Novembre‘s Annoluce from URSA and Katatonia‘s Serein from the upcoming The Fall Of Hearts (May 20th, 2016). Be on the lookout for our review on the latter one.


Prosthetic Records brings some hardcore as well with Polar and Blood for Blood from their already released album No Cure No Saviour.


Progressive metal London based band Haken shows us a rather trippy music video for Earthless This song comes from their 4th album Affinity, released through InsideOut Music.


American death metal band Gruesome comes with a rather campy (horror) video for the song Dimensions of Horror from the upcoming EP of the same name (May 20th, 2016), released through Relapse Records.

Century Media

Swedish Port Noir is a bit of a weird one in the bunch this time. The have a rather experimental metal/rock sound which you can check out yourself in the clip for Earth from Any Way The Wind Carries. In their music you could possibly find hints of Muse, Kraftwerk, Cult of Luna, RATM and 80’s pop music. The album has been released through Century Media Records and In Flames‘ vocalist Anders Fridén‘s own label Razzia Notes.


The crazy Swedes from Avatar released a wacky video for The Eagle Has Landed. The groovy heaby metal song comes from their brand new album Feathers & Flesh, released on May 13th, 2016 through Entertainment One (eOne).


And right while I’m writing this article, heavy metal/hard rock giants Volbeat released an official video for The Devil’s Bleeding Crown. On June 3rd 2016 you can go get your copy of Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie, their 6th album, to be released through Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group.

A music video that somehow got overlooked by us last week’s edition of our Videoland is the one for Human by Hellyeah. For those who don’t know them yet, they’re a heavy metal supergroup consisting of (ex-)members from Mudvayne, Pantera, Nothingface and Damageplan. They’re releasing studio album number 5 Unden!able on June 3rd 2016 through Eleven Seven Music Group.

That’s all folks! See you next week!


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