Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2021 preclub (On The Rocks, Helsinki) – 4/11/2021

Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2021 is happening! After having to cancel last year, they’re back in full force with an incredible line-up for all of us who like some beats and dark music. As has been the case with as good as every edition, there is again a preclub show at On The Rocks in center Helsinki to get properly warmed up and used to getting pummeled with relentless beats and noise. This time around, we got a special release show of Khroma, who earlier this year brought ‘EX NIHILO’ into the world. Support came from the Estonian industrial metal outfit Pedigree and Finnish nihilistic darksynth collective VVOV.

With pictures of VVOV, Pedigree and Khroma:

For a full report of the night, go here.


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