Interview Amaranthe – “We have matured and become more relaxed through the years”

The highly popular and melodic metal band Amaranthe has been destroying stages for over a decade with their fiery performances and catchy tunes. With ‘Manifest’, they’re already at album number 6 and considering the title, this might very well be the next step in their career. So when the opportunity arose to catch up with some people of the band on a sunny summer’s day in Helsinki, we didn’t hesitate long.

We got to talk with Olof and Johan about “Manifest” and how proud they are of it. We dove a bit deeper into the thought process behind the album title and some of the songs and briefly discussed the superhero cards and special color vinyls they’ll release of the album. They also told us who they’d love to work with for an Amaranthe song in the future and the answer might very well surprise you! Lastly, they gave us a couple of recommendations of other bands or recent releases you all should check out!

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