Interview Nervosa – “We are living of metal, it’s fantastic!”

The first time I heard the music of Nervosa, back in 2016 with the release of their Napalm Records debut ‘Agony‘, I was immediately sold by their sound and energy. Not much later I got to see them at my first edition of Tuska, one of Finland’s best loved metal festivals. Ever since I’ve been a big fan of Nervosa, but been prevented from catching them live again for one or the other reason every time. Finally they came back to Finland, so a good time to catch up with guitarist Prika Amaral!

She talked about being very excited to be back in Finland finally, the need/urge to tour around the world, the amazing “dream comes true” that was playing with Nervosa at Rock In Rio and working on new music. We also shortly touched on what guitarists really inspired and influenced Prika as a metal musician, her love for Slayer, albums she was looking forward to (Testament and Misery Index) and how much she loved the latest release by Sepultura (‘Quadra‘).

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