Interview Une Misère – “Finding beauty in misery is necessary to cope”

Une Misère, Iceland’s up and coming blackened hardcore wunderkind, has come under my attention ever since they released their first single ‘Overlooked/Disregarded’ back in 2016. Their evolution over the past three years has been riveting as track after track came out, yet unfortunately without even a hint at a likely EP. A few months ago however Une Misère at long last announced what we all were eagerly awaiting: their first full-length. It won’t be long until you can get your hands on ‘Sermon’ which releases November 1st on Nuclear Blast. In the meantime I’ve had a little chat with vocalist Jón Már Ásbjörnsson who, it seems, is as eager for ‘Sermon’ to come out as we are.

GRIMM: Do you think you might have turned out differently if you hadn’t lived in Iceland?

Oh, most definitely. But that applies to everyone, doesn’t it? Even just the location within a country makes all the difference. Had I been raised in the next town, 20 km away, my life would most likely have turned out differently. I may have grown up to become someone else entirely. The things that happened to me while growing up and the things I experienced molded me into who I am today.

GRIMM: So you wouldn’t change anything? Knowing now how it all turned out; knowing the path it all led to?

Not one bit. I wouldn’t say that I don’t regret things, but who doesn’t? The opening track ‘Sin & Guilt’ end with “don’t let me forget my pain”. That‘s my form of regret. I ask for forgiveness to the people around me who I have hurt during my life. That‘s how I state that I won’t forget any of it. But would change anything? Probably not.

GRIMM: We’re just products of all that happens around us, of all we go through as human beings. Despite the dark nature of ‘Une Misère‘s’ subject matter, you insist on sending a positive message. “No wound too deep” has sort of become your motto. Meaning that no matter how much shit you have to wade through, you’ll always try to rise a victor?

Exactly! You ever listen to Hatebreed? A lesson lived, is a lesson learned, you know? We have to persevere, we have to endure. We have to keep strong, and if we have to ask for help along the way to make it through, then that’s what we have to do.

GRIMM: Final message to the fans?

If you’re ever feeling fucked, talk to someone. There’s always somebody who will listen. It’s better to go through it together than alone. And it’s gonna get better.

GRIMM: And it’s gonna get even better on November 1st.

Damn right!

Title track ‘Sermon’


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