Maxen’s albums of the year 2018

2018 has been a great year for metal music in general there have been many new albums pouring down week after another. Hence these releases were inclusive in terms of different musical genre from death metal and black metal. But frankly speaking the biggest surprise was from the black metal genre, and in my case it was really hard to mention all the albums which had an effect on me. And to sum all of my favorite albums in one list was impossible, although it took me some time to organize my list and put them all together in one ultimate list.  And while it’s difficult to specify my top list I thought of selecting different bands from different musical genres to make my list somewhat presentable but not satisfactory enough. So let’s take a look at my list below and if you have missed one or two albums then make sure you check these albums which you have overlooked!

Runner ups 10-7 6-4 3-2 1

10. Outer HeavenRealms of Eternal Decay

In a state of agreement Outer Heaven’s debut album Realms of Eternal Decay is another impressive death metal release this year. Even with slight similarities to the band Gatecreeper, this album grew on me with every spin and later became on my heavy rotation. Musically the band has found the in-direct twist between Dismember, Incantation and Morbid Angel. Outer Heaven is a putrid death metal band and the album includes some brutal tracks like What Lies Beneath, Pulsating Swarm, Multicellular Savagery and many more.

Give this album a listen and I bet that you won’t regret it. Read my full review here.

9. HyperdontiaNexus of Teeth

One of the biggest releases this year comes from Dark Descent Records is the debut album of the international death metal band Hyperdontia. Formed by members of Phrenelith, Undergang, Necrowretch and Engulfed. Nexus of Teeth is a rotten old school death metal record filled with dense full riffs that makes this album sounds very murky and cavernous. The band shows their inspiration from early Incantation albums, and brings a lot of thrills while listening to the album. Needful to say that this album has grown on me with each listening session, therefore Hyperdontia is one of the newer bands that makes a great use of their technical skills as they merge some of their tracks with doom metal influences.

Highly Recommended!! Read my full review here.

8. Tomb Mold – Manor of Infinite Forms

Speaking of old school death metal there have been plenty of bands who intent to recycle the sounds of the 90’s death metal. Tomb Mold happens to be one of those bands whose debut album was well received by the fans. With their second installment entitled Manor of Infinite Forms, the album encapsulates their twisted riffs and excellent drums which are the main pillars of this talented Canadian death metal band. What caught my attention on this album beside the music is the track titles that have a peculiar and odd regards. And they actually reflect on their alien kind of music. Many fans have praised this album and I am sure that this album will be highly regarded by the fans of old school death metal.

7. Dimmu Borgir Eonian

Many fans had anticipated their comeback, years had passed but the three members took their time in reflecting and working on new material. I didn’t expect a glorious return from this band but to tell you the truth I was totally blown away. Eonian is one of the major albums of the year 2018, and after eight years of silence the Norwegian masters of symphonic black metal returned with new gimmicks that have surpassed the fans expectations.

For the first time in their musical career the band used some heavy orchestra backed with catchy choirs and ethereal keyboards. Beside the grand orchestrations which have been heavily used on this album. Dimmu Borgir have also applied a plentiful of tremolo pickings on this album. The riffs and solos are professionally placed into the songs, love them or hate them Dimmu Borgir are now on the top of their game. Eonian includes many great tracks like The Unveiling, Interdimensional Summit, Council of Wolves and Snakes, Lightbringer, and many more.

Read my full review here.

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