Modern Rites – Monuments

From the dark minds of vocalist/bassist Archytekt (Jonny Warren from Kuyashii), and guitarist Katalyst (Berg from Aara) the duo brings a sense of unique endeavor manifesting into an industrial form of black metal. Modern Rites‘ prestigious elements are equipped with hefty guitars and catchy tremolo sections. It goes without saying that the songwriting and the luxurious musical arrangements are as important as the riffs. The dark spectrum of melodies creates different feelings, with this remarkable idiosyncrasy “Monuments” fuses ornamented components of black metal, and the songs are oriented towards the modern atmosphere of the third wave of black metal. 

The songs are filled with catchy melodies, and rich instrumentation as a background adding depth to the music. Opening track “Vigilance Eternal” is a menacing dark piece packed with sublime moments, beginning with compelling guitar notes that create a hypnotic rhythm. In fact, the crafty skills of guitarist Katalyst fit well with the snarling black metal vocals of Archytekt. While you can feel the passion flowing with the tremolos, the drums on the album are robust and aggressive. Driven by an innovative approach to black metal, “Monuments” encapsulates inventive atmospheric elements. In addition to the superb guitar riffs, the background swirls with ambient undertones.

The songs are generally navigated into mid-paced tempo. For example “Black Wolf” focuses on the opulence of the lead guitars, while the deep buzzing sound effects of the bass guitars mingle with moody industrial elements. There’s always a momentous section where the guitars shimmer among the menacing vocals. Modern Rites offers quality music and the screeching vocals get space to shine in the sonic spectrum. 

The blooming melodies expose the full quality of the music as they slowly become the focal aspect. With lead guitars wonderfully textured, the rhythms ooze emotional undercurrent. In the span of thirty-six minutes, Modern Rites aim to demonstrate fantastic musical capabilities. Another favorite track is “Unburdened”, which is full of powerful riffs. The drums tend to provide rhythmic pacing, blending the guitar riffs and melodies to the sonic tapestry. The guitars offer a dramatic set of songs that thrive on layers of pitch-black rhythm. These magical components add a unique feel to the music, in spite of the steady tempo the music always seems to be changing and evolving.

Self Synthesis” offers some catchy ambient samples where the electronic ornaments are moving along with the blazing guitars and the blast beats prove that the band can bring vast musical varieties. There’s so much power when the drums burst in speed, from the swelling of the titanic riffs the sonic innovation shimmers with vibrant melodies and the thrumming bass guitar overflows perpetually. The industrial components ebb and flow and by infusing various elements, the similarities to Aara is quite eminent but there is also some resemblance to bands like Blut Aus Nord.

The spacey cold atmosphere is bolstered with the heaviness of the guitars makes songs like “Nothing Left To Give” very accessible. “Monuments” is a heavily rhythmic album driven by powerful drum beats and stylish guitars. The industrial ambient /electronic passages enhance the atmosphere, the guitars move from swaggering riffs and catchy leads on the album’s gigantic closure “Machine Paradox”. With the sensational riffs bouncing across the mid pacing drums creating a vital force of energy, this track contains the most head-banging riffs. My only remark about the album is that I wish that the band would’ve used more of these electronic samples that were used on the highlight track “Self Synthesis“. Moreover, the performances of the duo are nothing short of amazing. “Monuments” is very well executed by these skillful gentlemen who have captured ebullient vibes and vibrant textural sounds of black metal. 

Release Date: August 27th, 2021
Label: Debemur Morti Productions

  1. Intro
  2. Vigilance Eternal
  3. Black Wolf
  4. Unbeurdened
  5. Self Synthesis
  6. Nothing Left to Give
  7. Machine Paradox


  • Music9
  • Vocals/Lyrics9
  • Production8
  • Artwork8
  • Originality9
  • 8.6


    “Monuments” is very well executed by these skillful gentlemen who have captured ebullient vibes and vibrant textural sounds of black metal.

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