Odroerir, GRIMM Gent's first beer, brewed in collaboration with Totem


GRIMM’s first beer!

After a few tastings with our loyal volunteers we decided we wanted a beer with a pronounced flavor, not too high in alcohol so we can drink it all night in Jeugdhuis Asgaard, black as our souls and with a hint of the healing potion of the true vikings (mead!). With these instructions our brewer, Klaas of Totem, came up with the recipe for a braggot beer!

Obviously we wanted a brewer that resides around the area of Ghent and loves metal music. We found the perfect partners in crime with Klaas en Liesbeth of Totem. They like to brew beers that most other Belgians wouldn’t. Among their creations are a Christmas tree IPA, a red stout, … So expect something special for the first beer of GRIMM Gent!


  • Name: Odroerir
  • Type: Beer
  • Style: Black Braggot
  • ABV: 6,66 %
  • IBU: 60
  • Brewery: Totem (Belgium)
    (ABV = Alcohol By Volume; IBU = International Bittering Units)


Origin of the name:

Read the full story behind “Odroerir” (= The Mead of Poetry) on the following website: