PREMIERE: occult death outfit Anarkhon shares ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’

Debemur Morti Productions are proudly compelled to unleash the vinyl edition of an overlooked occult Death Metal masterpiece from foulest 2020, courtesy of ANARKHON from São Paulo, Brazil.

Truly deserved of a wider audience, ANARKHON have produced with “Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple” a killer compendium of cryptic, Lovecraftian old school Death Metal. Each and every enigmatic riff possessed with the majesty of arcane knowledge, every rotted atmosphere and bludgeoning rhythm on point, each otherworldly vocal inflection a coffin dragged into ancient depths.

A haunted record of hallucinated nightmares too exemplary to be ignored.

If you need more convincing still, check out the track ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’ right here:

Interview with frontman and guitarist Aron
Dear Aron, thank you very much for taking again the time to answer some short questions about your second single ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’. While the first single ‘Far Beyond Blood & Death’ was a faster composition, ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’ brings with it a kind of doomy feeling. Please tell us a bit about your musical vision you had in mind when composing this last song on your new album! Were there certain bands or albums which inspired this kind of dangerous Death’n’Doom vibe you create on ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’?
This song was the last one to be created for the album, I didn’t have any specific band or album in my mind while I was creating it, I just wanted the most terrifying and evil atmosphere possible when it comes to the riffs. Crafting the song a little slower helped to achieve the goal. Lyrically speaking, the title can be interpreted as a metaphor for the “forces” being released into the atmosphere, so it would be a description of ourselves returning from the abyss after a hiatus of seven years ready to poison this “new world” full of false morals and false goodness. Almost everything is done or said in a way that can be “accepted” and it is tried to avoid at all costs the infamous “culture of cancellation”. This fear even reached the Extreme Metal scene, the result was catastrophic with artists afraid to express themselves freely and giving in to the current modus operandi just to gain some kind of “fleeting notoriety” on the internet. This world, this kind of world needs to be “poisoned” by the most hideous things from the abyss, that’s my musical vision behind this track.
We already know that you start the compositional process for your songs with the riffs, and afterwards, you work on the drum lines in the rehearsal room with the whole band. How may we imagine this work in the rehearsal room? Does drummer Wellington Backer bring a concrete suggestion for the drum lines to the rehearsal? Or do you simply start jamming and see/hear what works?
Usually, we start jamming and I have some ideas for the drum lines already, but Wellington Backer is a great drummer and usually brings good ideas during the songwriting process. Basically, we start trying various things and see what works and fits better in the riffs.
All in all, you seem to have a rather intuitive connection to song writing. How long does it usually take you to finish a track in all details, et cetera? How long did it take you to finish ‘Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences’?
We work hard during the writing process, but we can usually only practice in the rehearsal room during the weekends, so talking about this song specifically we finished it in 15 days.

ANARKHON emerged from Brazil in 1999 as a brutal Death Metal band aesthetically influenced by vintage CANNIBAL CORPSE, releasing a number of well-received demos, splits and full-lengths between 2002 and 2013 before taking a six year hiatus. 2020 saw the band return reinvigorated with new album “Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple”, a more obscure, experimental and cerebral record of eerie atmospheric riffs and cavernous vocals heavily influenced by the cosmic horror of H.P Lovecraft.

01. Dimensional Incantation
02. Far Beyond Blood & Death
03. Assuming The Grotesque From Of The Nightmare
04. Ancient Tomb
05. Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple
06. Asymmetrical Chaos Spitting Stellar Graves
07. Poisoning The Air With Abysmal Presences

Recorded, produced and mixed by ANARKHON and Kleber Hastur at Dark Paradise Studio – April 2020, Guarulhos, São Paulo – Brazil.

::Line Up::
Kleber Hastur – Guitars
Jean Raimi – Bass
Aron Romero – Guitar/Vocals
W. Backer – Drums

Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple” will be released on vinyl on March 26th.
Pre-orders are possible via the label’s EU shop (, Bandcamp (, and US shop (

ANARKHON online:


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