PREMIERE: Sir Reg completes ‘The Underdogs’ trilogy with the final new video for the title track!

Last year, Sweden’s top Celtic/folk punk/rock outfit Sir Reg released their latest album The Underdogs (for our review go here). Today, the band is finally releasing the final part of the video trilogy for the album. This is actually the first part of the series (or a prologue if you will) but it’s released last. The new video is for the title track of the album and finally completes the story, watch the whole series right here:

Part I – The Underdogs (this is the new one!)

Part II – FOOL (Fight of Our Lives)

Part III – Sinner of the Century 

Sir Reg about the video release:

“The title track of the new SIR REG album. Everyone has a voice that deserves to be heard! Obstacles may stand in our way but they can be easily overcome when we believe in ourselves. The video is the last part of of a trilogy about a man living a double life without his wife knowing.”

Upcoming tour dates:

15.03 – Club Opera, St. Petersburg (RU)
16.03 – Club Gorod, Moscow (RU)
30.03 – Kulturgaraget, Avesta (SE) TBA
18.04 – Wild At Heart, Berlin (DE)
20.04 – Paaspop 2019, Schijndel (NL)
24.04 – Scruffy’s, Karlsruhe (DE)
27.04 – Kiefernklause, Steinhagen (DE)
24.05 – Spydeberg Rock Festival, Spydeberg (NO)
06.06 – Sweden Rock Festival, Norje (SE)
04.08 – Outcider Festival, Compton Martin (UK)


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