Rockfest Warm-up 2019 (Crafters, Finland) – 6/4/2019

In the beginning of June, the city of Hyvinkää gets taken over by the circus that is Rockfest. Thousands of rock and metal fans travel to the smallish city in Finland and some of the biggest bands around drop by to rock our socks off! As a little preparation for that massive event, a proper warm-up gets organised shortly after Spring starts at the local craft beer bar Crafters. Excellent beer (and whisky for those who like it stronger) and 3 good Finnish bands under the form of Tyrantti, Lost In Grey and Merta, what else would a fan of the heavier music need to get warmed up properly for what is to come this Summer? Check out the pictures here:

For a full report of the night, go here:,-finland)—6-4-2019


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