Sweven – The Eternal Resonance

The sudden discontinuance of the Swedish progressive/death metal act Morbus Chron in 2015 was a big disappointment for the fans who had been following their steady musical progression. When they came to an abrupt halt mastermind and vocalist/guitarist Robert Anderson sought to pursue his own project band Sweven. Which led him to create his own sonic pallets based on the transcendental experience that he had been developing with his former band. The Eternal Resonance seems like a natural continuation and it could’ve been the third album of Morbus Chron.

This present evolution brings a paradigm shift for the Swedish artist, with the lineup including some talented musicians like Jesper Nyrelius (drums), Isak Koskinen Rosemarin (guitars) and Robert Anderson (vocalist, guitarist). The atmosphere of the debut album is shaped by many elements of progressive guitar effects, filled with the aesthetics of psychedelic flair of 70’s rock music. The approach to the song structure is flawlessly crafted by rich textural rhythm guitars and kaleidoscopic melodies. The Eternal Resonance features six actual tracks and begins with a captivating acoustic intro that takes its own unique course and lurches into a soothing atmosphere of progressive rock.

The profuse acoustic intro The Spark exploits the individual’s prowess and focuses on musical variations. The guitars encompass a chromatic palette where it displays a unique interplay of refined and sophisticated musicianship. The second track By Virtue Of A Promise verges on the emotional heights from the wonderful aural dialogue between the instruments. The ethereal melodies constantly overflow where they are added to the song textures. 

The Eternal Resonance is meticulously designed so that each instrument is brought to a balance. Stylistically Sweven merges the stylish components of progressive death metal with psychedelic rock. And the result is a highly intellectual album processed with creativity. Reduced To An Amber is one of the most remarkable tracks with the guitar work oscillating between refined technicality and chord progressions. Where it crosses the progressive boundaries and lands on the atmospheric plains of acoustic texturing.

Sweven switches between acoustic passages, hypnotic keyboards that reshape the songs and heavy guitar riffs and all are well executed. Sweven bears the semblance of Morbus Chron where their debut album has an intellectual significance defined by the jazzy nature of the song structures. The Eternal Resonance showcases diversity in creating bizarre patterns of psychedelic rock music. The Sole Importance explores various styles of modern progressive metal with a clear turn towards exploring what’s beyond death metal. It’s almost difficult to focus on the music due to the constant variations. There are certain clear facets of other bands to be found in their music such as Cynic, Dark Millinium and Opeth.

When Morbus Chron defined their sound and brought their eccentric trademarks, they seemingly progressed from old school death metal to progressive/death metal. The Eternal Resonance represents the transcendental methods of Robert Anderson, who also took part as a live vocalist with the band Entombed. Yet on the latest offering, the artist shows his vocal abilities even more and his screeching growls sound aggressive.

Mycelia is quite aggressive with even the drums on this track sounding straightforward, the uplifting melodies and elevated tempo ventures into psychedelic heights. Solemn Retreat meanders towards the vivid atmospheric elements of 70’s rock. The guitar work ranges from swirling riffs and electrifying solos while the music in a whole takes you into a deep journey through astral plains.

The twisted direction of a high technicality on the final tracks Visceral Blight and Sanctum Sanctorum shows the ingenious quality and the elegance of the guitar work. The album includes many acoustic guitar passages that meander through lengthy and labyrinthine song structures. Sweven has achieved the paradoxical effects of making each instrument sounds lively and energetic. The refined guitars provide the songs with an emotional hook and Sweven presents their alchemist brand of progressive rock/death metal. And compliments the previous works of Morbus Chron and transcends further beyond the traditional style of death metal. 

Release Date: March 20th, 2020
Label: Van Records
Track list:

  1. The Spark
  2. By Virtue Of A Promise
  3. Reduced To An Amber
  4. The Sole Importance
  5. Mycelia
  6. Solemn Retreat
  7. Visceral Blight
  8. Sanctum Sanctorum


  • Music9
  • Lyrics/Vocals9
  • Production9
  • Artwork9
  • Originality10
  • 9.2


    The Eternal Resonance is meticulously designed so that each instrument is brought to a balance, stylistically Sweven merges the stylish components of progressive death metal and psychedelic rock.

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