VIDEO PREMIERE: Lüt has absolutely nothing to regret

Young souls live fast and without any regrets. Norwegian punks LÜT showcase this mentality with their newest punk rock hymn “Ingenting Å Angre På”!

“Ingenting Å Angre På” means “nothing to regret” and catches up with the bands omnipresent PMA punk rock sound. The song’s chorus delivers energetic melodic-hardcore vibes and becomes an instant earworm. Especially the guitar melodies create playful joy and the once again overwhelming power of LÜT feels like a shot of pure energy. “Ingenting Å Angre På” is a true punk rock anthem, about not giving a fuck, as the band comments:

“When closing our eyes we often re-watch the embarrassing incidents of our life. This is true if you aren’t a member of LÜT of course. After a summer of touring and a lot of crazy shit happening (not suitable to be written down), we decided to stop giving a fuck and wrote “Ingenting Å Angre På” (Nothing to regret). We try to live our lives accordingly, which can be hard sometimes. At least the mentality gave us a really cool song. Enjoy!”

“Ingenting Å Angre På” is the seventh single off their upcoming record ”Mersmak”, to be released on January 8th! Pre-order the album here:

LÜT are:
Marius James Platt | Ørjan Nyborg Myrland | Markus Danielsen Danjord | Sveinung Engvik | Mads Erlend Ystmark

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