Wacken 2018

‘Welcome home, where’s the beer’? The first line you hear when you get to Wacken. Then you know you’re in for a good time. Unfortunately, time flies by very fast when you are heaving fun. Rain or shine. This year, Wacken was definitely a shine edition. With temperatures above 30 degrees, the free ice cold water was more than welcome. Luckily there were enough places to get water, you just had to find the right one where there was no waiting line. But enough of these random facts. Lets get to the point.

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Wednesday, August 1. 

The first day bands are playing on the Holy Wacken grounds and it’s the first day we can invade the Wacken fields. Not entirely though, as the infield will be closed until Thursday afternoon. But what a view it is to watch these huge stages. Even from a distance and especially at night. Bright lights shine into the sky. You can see them from anywhere. A view you won’t forget.


Doro already invaded Wacken. She played a show in the Metal Church. Literally a church. Unfortunately I missed her show, but with so many stages and so many good bands, choices have to be made.

On the W:E:T stage, Fischer-Z (***1/2) gave a good show for new fans and people that have known them for years. It’s a groovy rock band that just gives you good vibes. From slower songs to fast songs to love songs. Fischer-Z brought it all with songs like ‘Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild’ and ‘Marliese’. 

On the Wasteland Stage it was time for some more action with speed/thrash metal band Evil Invaders. Back to the W:E:T Stage, it was up to Nazareth to play the classic song everybody knows: ‘Love Hurts’. It’s a song that got released in 1976. That’s 42 years old already. Here I am watching bands that my mom watched when she was my age. How cool is that!

After relaxing at Nazareth, it was time for Sepultura (****) from Brazil to take over the W:E:T stage with pure power. Moshing for sure. Especially as they were closing the show with ‘Roots Bloody Roots’.

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