Wacken 2018

‘Welcome home, where’s the beer’? The first line you hear when you get to Wacken. Then you know you’re in for a good time. Unfortunately, time flies by very fast when you are heaving fun. Rain or shine. This year, Wacken was definitely a shine edition. With temperatures above 30 degrees, the free ice cold water was more than welcome. Luckily there were enough places to get water, you just had to find the right one where there was no waiting line. But enough of these random facts. Lets get to the point.

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Right now, we’ve only talked the bands and their shows. But there is so much more to Wacken than the bands and their shows. It’s the delicious food, the market, the stages and the lights, the bullhead, the campsite and most important: the people. There was even a person doing sign language on stage during the show of Schandmaul. Wacken is one big family where it doesn’t matter what color you are, what race you are, what you look like or what language you speak. Believe it or not, even when you speak two different languages you are still able to communicate. Most likely with a beer and a hug.

For the food and stuff I’m going to put a link here to the preview of Wacken 2018. You’ll be able to read it in detail there. For the stages and the lights, the bullhead, campsite and people, I’m going to invite you to Wacken 2019. Unfortunately, it sold out in only 5 days so there are no tickets available anymore. There is a waiting list though. The waiting list for tickets can be found here. Watch out for scams! Don’t buy tickets form other websites then the websites that says is trustworthy to buy tickets from.

Sabaton (20th Anniversary Show), Parkway Drive, Demons & Wizards (only festival show in Germany), Powerwolf, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, Within Temptation, Meshuggah, Krokus, Dark Funeral and Avatar have already been announced. Keep an eye on the Wacken website and on the GRIMM website to stay up to date about the latest news.


See you at Wacken 2019! Rain or Shine!

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