GRIMM (Gent Rock Industrial & Metal Music) was started in 2013 in Gent, Belgium by a couple of friends who got the bright idea to do something for the diminishing alternative music scene in the city during a night out. It started off as a small organization that offered fun activities and now and then shows/parties for metalheads, rockers,… living in the vibrant city. This steadily grew into a proper community and through the partnerships with several local alternative bars regular gigs were organized, giving the chance for small bands to hit the stage and fans to check out new music.

Every year it grew into something bigger by starting the official website, organizing the GRIMM fests, taking over a bar/youth house baptized “Asgaard”, getting a second location in Gent at “JOC Gent-Brugge” to expand activities and partnering up with all kinds of people from the music industry (most recently becoming part of the bigger support machine called “BE Metal”) to go beyond anything that was accomplished before. At the moment of writing, the association GRIMM is looking towards a bright future with sights on bigger activities, bigger shows and growing even more than ever before.


Shortly said our main purpose is offering support to every player in the rock, industrial, metal and alternative music scene. Those “players” are the fans, bands, organizers, labels, PR companies… everything and anyone linked any bit with that part of the music scene. We try to accomplish this by creating a community of likeminded people, organizing free or low cost events (for now mostly in Gent) and through the editorial team and our site. In 2018 we gave 120 bands a stage at several locations. With our site we have reached in the mean time well over 500 000 original visitors all over the world and have steadily grown to become one of the biggest online medias of the Benelux region and are aiming at bigger!


We offer the opportunity to every motivated music fan to learn certain qualities through us. Or help people with certain talents, dreams or ambitions accomplishing their goals by offering a platform to do so. Everyone gets an opportunity with us to learn and grow and we’re very proud of that. No matter background, degree or skills, if you’re motivated, you’re welcome.