How our resident punker survived the turbulent 80s and how he saw punk evolve and change a lot, but also seems very positive and hopeful about its future seeing where it’s now.

Our resident punker looked back at how he got in contact with punk music and went on a discovery growing up in the punk scene during the 70s…

Have you ever wondered what a metal festival looks like behind the scenes? Or how a typical festival day looks for a band? Finnish melodic death metal band Brymir gave us the chance to shed some light on those questions by allowing me to experience SaariHelvetti 2022 with them.

We got the pleasure to be invited to get an exclusive pre-listening of Omnium Gatherum’s ‘Origin’ album and hear some cool tidbits from behind the scenes!

We got the chance to listen the 17th and self-titled album from Helloween and fire off some questions at some of the band members!

We listened to the new Carach Angren album and sat down with the band for a chat.

The gods were smiling down on us because we had the honor to attend the pre-listening of “Futha”, Heilung’s upcoming release!

After the listening session of Gaahls Wyrd’s ‘GastiR – Ghosts Invited’ I got to sit down and have a quick chat with the band.

The story of a metal band having to fight to keep their Facebook page alive…

What happened to All That Remains’ Oli Herbert, who’s responsible and whose side are you on? Don’t be like sheep, get up to date with this crash course and educate yourself on the facts!