Pre-listening of Heilung’s “Futha” (Roadburn 2019)

    The gods were smiling down on us because we had the honor to attend the pre-listening of "Futha", Heilung's upcoming release!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Enigma’s Black Fuel

    A beer inspired by one of the best and most well-known songs 'Black Fuel' by one of Belgium's biggest metal bands!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Franky DSVD (Channel Zero)’s Turbeau Noir

    Looking at the intensity with which Franky DSVD is promoting the end result his collaboration with brewery Strubbe, he plans to make this new career a success and...

    PICK YOUR POISON: Alvinne’s The Dog Didn’t Bark

    Do you know that funny story about two metal bands and a Chinese brewer with a suitcase full of plums? No? Then discover everything about Alvinne's 'The Dog Didn't

    Pick Your Poison: Devils Rock for an Angel’s Devils Beer (For Angels)

    A nice Belgian beer for an awesome cause, that's what the 'Devils Beer' is all about!

    Razernij announced first bands and breweries

    Beer AND music festival Razernij has announced the first couple of nice treats for the 2019 edition!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Eternal Breath’s The Joker

    Eternal Breath released a customized version of brewery Maenhout's Koeketiene tripel, check out what we thought of it!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Fall of Summer’s Impale Ale

    A pale ale that could serve as the perfect festival beer at the usually dry and hot Fall of Summer!

    PICK YOUR POISON: Ghost’s Grale

    Ghost delivers the "Grale" to us on a platter with a wee heavy to quench our thirst during our rituals...

    PICK YOUR POISON’s 2018 Staff Pick

    The staff of Pick Your Poison loves tasting beers and other (alcoholic) creations, here's a pick of some of the highlights they had in 2018!