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New BillyBio music video ‘One Life To Live’ out now

BillyBio released a first new track from his upcoming album 'Leaders And Liars', check it out!

Modern metal unit DAGOBA announced new album “By Night” & shared new single + video “The Last Crossing”

Dagoba announced their new album and unleashed a first track and video with the song 'The Last Crossing'!

OBSIDIOUS released brand new track ‘Sense of Lust’

Technical prog band Obsidious unveil yet another track 'Sense Of Lust' from their upcoming debut album!

Alternative-metal act Not My Grave released a new video for “Tears For”

Italian alternative metal outfit Not My Grave unleashed the new track and video 'Tears For' upon the world!

Boris to release brilliant new album ‘W’ January 21st via Sacred Bones

Boris announced their upcoming new album 'W' and unveil a first single and video 'Drowning by Numbers'!

New single and video from Belgian progressive/avant-garde metal band Fabulae Dramatis, called “Lead Astray •|• Indigo”

The Belgian melodic metal outfit Fabulae Dramatis released another single with 'Lead Astray •|• Indigo'!

Most anticipated releases of December 2021

Last month of 2021, still some releases coming in December that are most anticipated by our team of writers!

ODDKO launched war on consumerism with new single and video “SIREN SONG”

ODDKO is back with another mind-blowing video and industrial metal banger of a song!

JADE released new video for “Forget Everything”

Singer songwriter Jade has revealed the new video and single 'Forget Everything'!

CORVUS CORAX launch music video & single for “Sverker”

Corvus Corax unleash another track from their "Era Metallum" project where epic folk and metal meet!