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TYGER release their new single/video “Revival of the Wicked”

The guys of Tÿger get to live their rock 'n' roll dream and kick some serious ass with their very first single 'Revival of the Wicked'!

MODERN RITES unveil debut album details and a first track

Brand new black metal outfit Modern Rites announced their debut album 'Monuments' (out in august via Debemur Morti) and share a first track with 'Self Synthesis'!

METALLICA announced ‘The Black Album’ remastered & ‘The Metallica Blacklist’ album feat. 53 artists

Metallica is celebrating the 30th anniversary of 'The Black Album' with a remaster and one of the most ambitious projects ever with over 50 artists bringing their own...

Brazilian metalcore band APRIL 21st take on depression with new “Healing My Wounds” music video & single

Brazilian metalcore outfit April 21st released a new song and video for 'Healing My Wounds', from their upcoming EP 'Courage Is Born from Fear'!

Interview Lost In Grey – “On this album we’re diving more under the surface to see what’s happening inside the characters.”

Watch the talk we had with Harri and Anne from Lost In Grey about their upcoming album 'Under The Surface'!

HOODED MENACE release second new track of ‘The Tritonus Bell’

Finnish death doom outfit Hooded Menace unveiled the second new song 'Chime Diabolicus' from their upcoming new album 'The Tritonus Bell'!

Moon Shot announced debut album “Confession”; Watch video for latest single “Agony Walk”

Finnish alt-rock supergroup Moon Shot officially announced their debut album 'Confession' and unveil another brand new single 'Agony Walk'!

Brother Firetribe raise a storm with a breath-taking flight video and single ‘Thunder Rising’

Finnish hard rock outfit Brother Firetribe channels Top Gun through the new single 'Thunder Rising', with an impressive flight video and all!

Finnish Plant My Bones released ‘Red River’ single from their upcoming debut EP

Finnish rock outfit Plant My Bones released yet another track from their upcoming Inverse Records debut EP 'Stage 1.0'! Check out 'Red River' now!