We talked with June and Eemeli from Mors Subita about their new album ‘Origin of Fire’ (released recently via Out of Line Music) and how taking more time to record and working with Tue Madsen for the mixing and mastering resulted in a more organic, full sound that was aggressive with a touch of old school heavy riffing.

And we laugh about their drummer possibly regretting asking for a song with blastbeats and a fan knowing the lyrics of a new song better than Eemeli at one of their recent shows…

Last Spring, we sat down with Julius and Matti from I Am Your God to talk about their new album ‘SINister’ (released in May via Out of Line Music), how it shows their growth as a band, what they did differently this time and why the album title is written the way it is.

An extensive and interesting talk with King Aleister Satan, vocalist for the Finnish industrial metal outfit King Satan, about their touring with Deathstars and Gothminister, unveiling a bit about the upcoming 4th album, and his vision behind the “Spiritual Anarchy” concept and on Satanism as a whole!

We met up with the guys of Nakkeknækker at Tuska last summer, to talk about who they are as a band, what their inspirations are, and what their ambitions are as a still young band. Which turned into a really fun, and sometimes somewhat chaotic talk! Later that day they absolutely killed it on the Tuska KVLT stage, showing how much promise and potential these Danish fellas have!

A chat with Bloodred Hourglass about their pretty amazing year thus far, and the new album ‘How’s the Heart?’, how they’re not afraid of trying out any ideas or leaving things out when a song calls for it, and how they’ve stepped up their game yet again with this record.

A talk with Juan Brujo from Brujeria shortly before their show in Helsinki last summer, about their show at Obscene Extreme that started the Europe leg of the ‘Matando güeros’ anniversary tour, how crazy things get when they hit South America, and about the new album ‘Esto es Brujeria’ (out today via Nuclear Blast)!

Ihsahn from Emperor talks about his process of writing music, differences in writing and performing with Emperor and his solo band, how he got himself into metal music, the possibility of a new Emperor album, reminisces about Emperor’s first show in Helsinki back in 1997 and more!

Right now they’re on tour through Europe (with a show tonight in Belgium), but at the end of last year, we had a chat with Matthias (vocals), Timo (guitars) and Pyry (bass) from …and Oceans about their new album ‘As in Gardens, So in Tombs’, released via Season of Mist earlier this year!

A chat with the guys of the Belgian heavy metal band Hunter about their show at Alcatraz 2023, their new album ‘Rebel Angels Rise’ and their release show at our own Asgaard venue this Saturday!