Interview Nakkeknækker – “We just want to be on the road as much as possible”

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At Helsinki’s Tuska there are usually some new bands to discover every edition, even though they do book a lot of well established bands. One such band that really caught our attention for several reasons, was the Danish death metal outfit Nakkeknækker. They were the only non-Finnish act to be placed on the “Tuska KVLT” stage, and an almost mysterious entity since there was no music to be found online besides a couple of live videos on YouTube. And on top of that, when we had a chat with their country mates of Angstskrig shortly before the festival, the drummer highly recommended them to us. Reason enough to find these young guys and have a short conversation to figure out a bit who they are and what they’re all about…

We stuffed all 5 of the guys on some couches and ended up with a sometimes chaotic, but pretty cool conversation with them. They were all too excited to be able to play at Tuska as a relatively unknown band, and were surprised (and I guess delighted) to hear that they were actually the only band on the Tuska KVLT stage that wasn’t Finnish. While they were at the festival, they had already checked out some shows where the Gojira and Arch Enemy shows especially was enjoyed by them.

When asking them how they got to where they are right now, they explained that some of them got together about 3 years ago and got a complete line-up about half a year later. And then they just started playing gigs all around Denmark, making a name for themselves, and getting a really good booking and management team. They were pretty excited and looking forward to be playing the KVLT stage, it looking like a small underground club stage while still being at a big festival.

For those who have no idea how to read their band name or what it could mean, they told us that they just went for the Danish for “neckbreaker” in the very beginning, and ended up sticking with it. And it really fits with how the band is right now and how their live shows are like. It also really catches people’s attention because it being so different and special looking.

Their style of metal is a rather old school death metal sound, so talking about their inspirations they brought up bands like Bloodbath and their country mates of Baest immediately, but also mentioned other HM2-bands like Gatecreeper, Entombed, Dismember,… (and Foo Fighters?). But added to that they also find some inspirations from old school Florida death metal, hardcore, melodic death metal, technical death metal,… basically what they listen to.

Being at the beginning of their career with the band, we asked what their ambitions were with it. Where they first jokingly were saying to become rich as fuck with a million-dollar mansion, but they quickly get to the essence where they’re hoping to continue to be able to do music at least as a part-time job, touring the world as long as it’s financially feasible. Just getting all those amazing experiences through playing music, is for now already amazing (like getting to visit Finland).

They don’t really have much music out at all (even the demos they released earlier are nowhere to be found anymore), so the question had to be asked if anything was coming any time soon. There is an album in the works that is pretty much completely written, now they just get to the business to actually made the album by recording it. The fact that there is no music out, is mostly because the first thing they wanted to do was play live, which is still the main thing for them, being a band that is on the road as much as possible.

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

Be sure to catch them live whenever you can, because later that day, they absolutely destroyed the Tuska KVLT stage with a blistering, high energy death metal show that proved it was the right place to be for them, and a whole lot of promise for greatness!

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