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Danish melodic hard rockers Silvera shared the title and opening track of their upcoming album with ‘World Behind Doors’! The new album will be coming out this year still via Mighty Music!

Danish metallers Exelerate are kicking off promoting their upcoming tour and concerts by unleashing another captivating track with ‘Headfirst Into The Void’, out via From The Vaults!

Danish melodic death metal outfit Vanir dives deep in Scandinavian history again with their last single ‘Fall Of Arkona’ before the release of their new album ‘Epitome’ set for release on February 16th via Mighty Music!

Danish hard rock band Junkyard Drives celebrates the rebellious side of rock in their new single ‘Tearaway’!

Danish death metal force Baest get crushed under the weight of ‘Colossus’, their brand-new single released via Century Media Records just before they go on their headline tour throughout UK and Ireland!

Danish black metallers Solbrud share a captivating stop motion music video for the track ‘For evigt, For altid, Forandret’, in anticipation of their highly anticipated album ‘IIII’ to be released via Vendetta Records early next month!

The Danish thrashers of Artillery unleash a live rendition of one of their oldest tracks ‘By Inheritance’, part of the upcoming live album ‘Raw Live (In Copenhell)’ set for release next month via Mighty Music!

While the Danish deathcore mob Cabal is touring through Europe right now, they released a by German INHUMAN reshaped version of their already crushing track ‘Plague Bringer’!

Danish K-Town hardcore outfit is back with new album ‘Dead End’ next month via Svart Records after a ten-year hiatus, and have just released their new single ‘Amen’!