VIDEO PREMIERE: Junkyard Drives heralds the rebellious side of rock in ‘Tearaway’!

After 10 years on the rock scene, JUNKYARD DRIVE is ready with their new single release, “Tearaway”.

The Danish hard rock band explores the rebellious side of the rock genre, where noise and raw energy are kings, and where society’s rules and norms are challenged.

With this new single, from their upcoming album, Junkyard Drive embraces a new sound and lyrical universe, which is a combination of high energetic tempo and raw expression, with lyrics that celebrate the modern woman who neither wants nor should settle for anything.

“”Tearaway” is our way of saying: Let’s tear it all down and rebuild it on our own terms”, lead singer Kris states. “We want to inspire people to take chances, be rebellious, and disregard rules that don’t make sense“.

A new Junkyard Drive studio album, their fourth, titled “Look “At Me Now”, will be released later this year.

Kris – lead vocals
Oliver Hartmann – guitar
Kristoffer Kristensen – guitar
Claus – drums & cowbell
Sjus – bass

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