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Of Mice & Men release crushing new song “Obsolete”

Of Mice & Men is back! And how! Signed to a new label, a crushing new track and a new EP announced for later this year!

Hearts & Hand Grenades -Turning To Ashes

Prepare for some explosive American hard rock coming from the debut full-length album of Hearts & Hand Grenades!

King Creature – Set the World on Fire

The word I find myself using a lot here is power. King Creature is at its best when they go all out and produce nice hardrock with balls.

Ali’s albums of the year 2020

Albums of the year 2020, ranging from Halestorm to Trivium and more. Get ready to headbang and make your neighbors move.

DEATH OF A LEGEND releases first single ‘FACEMAN’!

Rock 'n' roll band Death Of A Legend is kicking some serious ass with their first single 'Faceman'! Check it out!

ANOTHER DAY DAWNS released official music video for “Never Okay”!

American alternative rock band Another Day Dawns releases another new video for a track from their latest release!

BRUNHILDE released video for ‘Where are you going?’ with a special guest

Rising stars in the rock scene Brunhilde release yet another song from their upcoming debut album with a fun video!

SMALL TOWN TITANS released official music video for “Let Me Breathe”!

Heavy rockers of Small Town Titans release yet another video and single from their latest release 'The Ride'. Check it out!

THEM DAMN KINGS released official music video for “Throw it Away”

Get ready for some proper American hard rocking with Them Damn Kings' first single from the upcoming debut album!

Shiraz Lane/Violent Fever (Vernissa, Vantaa) – 9/10/2020

A night of Finnish hard rock around the clock with Shiraz Lane and Violent Fever absolutely kicking ass!