Back in April on a very rainy day the gothic/country/blues group Me And That Man led by Nergal took over the seemingly sold out Korjaamo venue in Helsinki, flanked by the American rock ‘n’ roll group Frank The Baptist, turning it into one of the best shows our photographer has covered thusfar this year. An event by Live Nation Finland.

Back in February on a cold Sunday evening, things in Tavastia got quite hot when a massive horror show took over with Wednesday 13 playing old Murderdolls tunes in the memory of Joey Jordison, culminating in with the headliner act, British extreme metal legends Cradle Of Filth.

Insect Ark announced their new album ‘Raw Blood Singing’ to be released in June via Debemur Morti Productions and shared a first song with ‘Youth Body Swayed’!

Mark took it easy in 2023 and offers a selection of pictures of the handful of shows that he covered with his photography, mostly in the realm of new wave, old school electronic music, experimental and pop music with Self Esteem, Gary Numan, Heaven 17, Martyn Ware and friends, and Utopia Strong!

Our resident extreme metal reviewer Mazen has a selection of stellar (mostly) black and death metal releases as his favorite of the year with Sulphur Aeon, Varathron, Moonlight Sorcery, Cruciamentum, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Asphodelus, Marduk, …And Oceans, and Cirith Ungol!

Year 2023 is closing out and we at GRIMM have our sights set for next year and all the amazing shows and festivals coming up, but before that, let’s look into this past year in photos once again with a selection of Emerik’s favorite pictures, going from extreme and underground, to legendary bands like Nocturnal Sorcery, Horna, Nunslaughter, Merrimack, Pensées Nocturnes, Sex Messiah, Kalmankantaja, VV, Sick Of It All, Lordi, Michael Monroe, The Hellacopters, Possessed, The Mission, Lorna Shore, Kuvotus, Ingested, Voivod, Sodom, Watain, Burst, Full Of Hell, Demolition 23, and Brujeria!

Finnish goth band Lamori embraces eerie depths with their new single ‘Ave Valkyria’, a track of their upcoming album ‘NEON BLOOD FIRE’, set for release via Wormholedeath!

The shadowy emissaries known as ZETRA have signed to Nuclear Blast Records and shared their latest sonic offering ‘Sacrifice’ to celebrate!

Kat Von D unveiled the hauntingly romantic new single ‘Vampire Love’, presented with a Halloween-themed music video!