The Finnish Goth ‘n’ Roll pioneers The 69 Eyes signed to Atomic Fire Records for the release of their upcoming new album!

Silhouette blends post-black and atmospheric black metal with delicate female vocals. “Les Retranchements” conveys gothic influences from bands like Theatre of Tragedy, The Sins of Thy Beloved, and Trees of Eternity.

Legendary Gothic rockers Christian Death announce the release of their upcoming 17th studio album ‘Evil Becomes Rule’ and share a 1st single with ‘Blood Moon’!

Arsenic Addiction released a new video for the single ‘Tomb of Sleep’, a track of their latest release ‘XIX’!

Vampires Everywhere unleashed the new track and video ‘Sudden Death’ upon the world!

Dark metal masters Agathodaimon are back! A new album is on the way with ‘The Seven’ and a first single was unveiled!

An AOTY list with the usual thrash, power and heavy metal suspects, but also a couple of surprises!