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A progressive giant like UK’s Tesseract dropping by in your neighborhood while they’re on a massive tour to celebrate their latest album ‘War of Being’, should be reason enough for you to get outside. Add to that the German Unprocessed and the US mathcore misfits of The Callous Daoboys and you know you can’t sit this one out! And we clearly were not alone in that sentiment, because Helsinki’s legendary rock club Tavastia was absolutely packed!

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Tuhdimmat Tahdit gave us some great “fish-metal” when they brought Brymir to town. A pretty perfectly sized intimate club show with flying pikes, chicken nuggets and a lot of happy fans. Hönö supposedly even got their first real mosh pit. Of course, Brymir wouldn’t be Brymir without a few jokes during their set. And so at some point during the gig, drummer Patrik decided to ditch his place behind the drums to join the fans while Viktor tried his best to keep the blast beats coming.

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Asgaard and Return Bookings kicked off the new year with performances by Gravekvlt, Bokkerijders and Traquenard, who started their Turbo Evil Tour. Fans of black and extreme would certainly get their money’s worth. After a dark, chilly day, there was a nice attendance in Asgaard for the first event of 2024.

The event was opened by Traquenard, a metal punk trio based in Lille, France. They combine 80s thrash metal and its delirious solos with hardcore punk flavoured with a touch of black metal. Some describe it as Darkthrone at the beach. It’s an interesting mix of styles. Mostly punk, a pinch of hardcore and a some metal riffs, Traquenard produces complex-free music with a je ne sais quoi-attitude. They made a solid impression and showed talent.

Then it was Bokkerijders’ turn, founded in 2021 and in the process of gaining a real cult status. The members of Bokkerijders have played in bands like Ordigort, Bones, Ishtembashtock, Witch Trail, Caducity, Chalice and Kuar Nhial, among others. Bokkerijders explores the boundaries of black metal with a mix of raging drums, trash-like guitars and raw grunts combined with atmospheric-black passages and this combination works really well. The audience was captivated by the thundering drums and the gloomy grunts. At the closing song “Bokkerijders” the heads of the audience nodded in sync. We’re looking forward to the release of a full length album of this unknown gem on the Belgian metal crown.

The last band of the evening was Gravekvlt, a French band from Nantes formed in 2021, consisting of four musicians who play ‘evil speed metal punk’ together. Their main influences are Venom, Toxic Holocaust and… Motörhead. There’s no denying that their music is influenced by Motörhead. As soon as the performance starts, we get a giant blow to the head. We’re washed away by a tsunami of sound. Fast and hard, as it should be. It sometimes seems a bit kitschy, but it’s also a lot of fun. Lemmy would have enjoyed the show whilst sipping a Lemmy.


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Core fans must still be hungover from the fantastic night at Backstage Club! The tour by the Americans of Lionheart marks the return from the Californians to Europe in 2024. This short tour serves to present their new EP “Welcome To The West Coast” live. Accompanying them very well, are some very good friends who don’t miss the opportunity to pummel the audience with similar accusations to the headliners. Suicide Silence, Kublai Khan and Paleface Swiss managed to get the crowd into a state of excitement and ebullience that few can manage, and kicked off a memorable night of hardcore, metalcore and deathcore.

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The Backstage in Munich filled completely to welcome the North-Americans Thrice. On this “The Artist In The Ambulance 20th Anniversary Tour”, the band presents the album released two decades ago, playing it in full from start to finish as originally released on record. The reception at the Backstage was very warm and enthusiastic for the old and timeless songs, as well for the rest of the songs presented in an irreproachable way by the experienced quartet. I’d especially like to highlight the vocal performance of Dustin Kensrue, who manages to completely envelop us live with his raspy voice and sentimental lyrics.

Opening the night, the Danish post-rockers, Town Portal, performed a convincing concert to show themselves and acquire new fans of their project, which although not new, may have gone a little unnoticed by many.

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I adore my same old same old bands and I don’t think I will ever get tired of just listing the same songs over and over again. But recently I felt the urge to also try something new and check out some artists that I hadn’t heard of or listened to before. One of them was Altamullan Road. I decided to not check any of their material before the gig and go in with zero expectations of what to expect.

Altamullan Road consists of Johanna Iivanainen & Johanna Kurkela, who are joined on stage during this tour by Johanna Iivanainen‘s husband and Johanna Kurkela‘s brother. Their music is a mixture of cinematic, pop and folk music and while that sounds like it would be a lot, it actually isn’t in the slightest. In reality, the songs are pretty simplistic a lot of the time, with the music being stripped down to the essentials. As the duo has so far only released one album, the show also consisted of several covers. Although the word “cover” doesn’t really do it justice, while the songs were still recognizable they were also transformed into something completely new.

In the end all I can really say is: Even if this isn’t your usual taste of music, I highly recommend checking them out on one of their live shows if you have a chance to do so.

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It being one of the first times that the full madness of Avatar’s theatrics was coming to the Finnish shores, this was something we did not want to miss out on. They had several dates in Finland on their “The Great Metal Circus 2024” world tour and I got to see them blow the roof off the legendary Tavastia club in center Helsinki. The venue was packed to the brim, the energy was on another level and we saw it was good. A lot of people even showed up for the support act Æther Realm, making it a glorious night already early on…

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In honour of their latest album, Everwave played at show at Hönö Baari, Tampere on Saturday February 17th. And of course they didn’t come alone, they had Golden Rot and Paha kurki with them as support. Also, as this was a special show they decided to have a “big band” for just this one occasion, including Mikko Aaltio on the saxophone and Anna Lampela with additional vocals. I’m sure the bands had a great time, and so did the surprisingly big crowd.

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Cyhra recently started off their small Finland tour with a gig at Tampere’s YO-Talo. While the gig didn’t sell out there was still a very descend size crowed, especially considering that the gig wasn’t only on a week day, but there were also public transport strikes, that made attending a lot harder. Those fans that did make it to the show were rewarded with a heck of a lot of fun and great music, not only by the headliner, but also by the support act NeonFly.

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The Nordic weeks in Rock over Germany have been going on. After last weeks ‘Glory And The Beast‘ tour with one of Finland’s finest BEAST IN BLACK, another headliner from Finland’s power-metal top-notch acts conquered the German concert venues with a show deluxe: BATTLE BEAST.

First to open up the night was German-rooted international outfit INDUCTION with their symphonic influenced progressive metal style. A worthy opening act that caught the audience immediately. An energy-loaded gig and a charismatic vocalist with a great voice set the heat-level one notch up, just for starters. It was not present at any time that the band has undergone personal change lately.

Next on stage: SAINT DEAMON. The Swedish 4-piece metal band delivered a successful performance, but couldn’t quite match the opener INDUCTION. Powerful rock with a high voice that slightly reminiscent of the band BULLET. Solid.

Finally, headliner BATTLE BEAST gave themselves a very theatrical stage entrance. The light show and special effects (fog and fireworks) came up, and the mood was elevated to a new level. They kicked off with an explosion of power metal and charismatic stage presence. Stunning the crowd from the start, get their audience to dance and chant along to their song repertoire. The Finnish band delivered a stunning performance, led by the impressive vocal prowess of Noora Louhimo. Her massive stage presence in combination with an extraordinary outfit is just simply captivating everybody’s attention. All other band members, dressed simply in black, got a little less attention. They became a main attraction in the moments when Noora left the stage and a small instrumental interlude of KISS ‘I was made for lovin’ you’ was intoned, as well as a sing-a-long to some love pop song.

Another triumphant night of power-metal!