Agnostic Front “Urban Decay Tour 2024” (Café Central, Weinheim, DE) – 13/06/2024

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For more than 40 years, AGNOSTIC FRONT brings finest New York Hardcore to the concert hall stages and festivals around the globe. Europe and its loyal NY HC fan base is a reason to tour annually. This summer, the five piece Roger Miret (vocals), Vinnie Stigma (lead guitar and original founding member), Craig Silverman (guitar), Mike Gallo (Bass) and Danny Lamanga (drums) hit European venues on their ‘Urban Decay Tour 2024’. Opening date was a totally sold-out gig at Café Central in Weinheim, DE.

Before the NYC veterans take the stage, one of Germany’s hardcore veteran bands enters the stage to open the night: 47 Million Dollars. Bringing awesome hardcore music with German lyrics for already 25 years. The venue got hot and the few doors and windows were opened after their appearance to cool down the atmosphere a little.

There is not much to say about the following: you get what you expect. Finest hardcore music, circle pit from the first tune of the opening song ‘The Eliminator’, stage diving, crowd-surfing and sweat, sweat, sweat. These guys know how to rock a venue down to the bare foundations. The audience got in the mood immediately, turning the hall into a sauna with incredible humidity. But you will see no holding back until the last tune of their more than 20 songs set-list including hits like ‘Gotta go’, ‘Old New York’ or ‘Victim in Pain’ is out of the PA.

They will keep on touring until early July, it’s recommended to go and see them if you can!

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