The GRIMM Reader

You can find metal, rock, punk,… back in almost every aspect of life, also in literature (Yes, we read!). Whether it’s an artist or band sharing their stories with you, a book of poetry that goes along with the music, a comic book about a band or just something that appeals to rockers and metalheads in this world, we want to bring you an idea of what goodies there are waiting for you.
Enter "The GRIMM Reader"

20/11/2021   /  0 Comments   /   By :
The title says it all in this case: Nikki Sixx’ new book is about his first 21 years of life. And what a rollercoaster that was.
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04/06/2021   /   By :
A book that is basically nothing fancy, just like the writer and main subject in it. Harley Flanagan doesn't try to make things look or sound prettier than they were and shares the craziness that was (and is) his life through all the stories he gathered!
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12/10/2020   /  1 Comment   /   By :
An extensive depiction of an often overlooked chapter in the black metal history: Finnish black metal!
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09/12/2018   /  1 Comment   /   By :
The story of a struggling musician, trying to get his band to make it big, at the same time keep his life together and fight an ancient evil...
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23/11/2018   /   By :
A beautifully written story about something so horrible.
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14/02/2018   /   By :
Combined with the album a great visualization of the stories told in the songs!
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14/09/2017   /   By :
A short history of everything that Brian Slagel and Metal Blade Records did for heavy metal and why "Heavy Metal will never die!"
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